Becoming A Solutionary

Solutionary is an unfamiliar term to many people. And yet, we are all familiar with the words, “problem” and “problematic.” For every problem, there are solutions. The opposite of someone who is problematic, or a part of a problem, is a solutionary, someone who chooses to be a part of the solution. Of course, we naturally all want to be solutionaries. As social creatures, it is in the nature of most human beings to be compassionate to others and feel good about our personal contributions during our time on this planet.

Through subliminal cultural conditioning, big business has influenced the human species in unspeakable ways. Many people no longer align their lifestyles with their own values. In fact, the majority of people in the United States actually choose to avoid the truth out of fear of change. Change is very normal, natural, and necessary. And yet, we humans have been conditioned to cling to habit. For example, who/what decided that people should consume three meals a day? Humans are naturally frugivores, meaning a healthy diet consists of grazing throughout the day on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The Industrial Revolution started the conventional work schedule that led to the creation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many people in today’s society assume without question that breakfast, lunch, and dinner is and always was normal, natural, and necessary.

Becoming a solutionary is not a new concept. It simply means returning to being consistent and committed to a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. The Solutionary Events team is here to help and guide you on your journey of learning. We encourage you to attend events, volunteer, and become involved with your solutionary community. Please keep in mind that you are never too young or too old to become a solutionary. As Alice Walker might say, “being a [solutionary] is your rent for living on this planet.”

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