Exhibitor Participation

We welcome a wide variety of vendors and exhibitors to participate in Solutionary Festivals. We invite vegan food vendors, artists, yoga studios, health & wellness vendors, human and animal rights groups and non-profit organizations, animal rescues and sanctuaries, and ethical merchandise vendors. If you are not sure if you would be a fit at these events, please contact us at organizers@solutionaryevents.com or call 941-730-4745. We hope to see you soon!

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Fields marked with an * are required If you would like to take part in a solutionary event, please fill in your details in the Vendor Application Form below. Spaces will NOT be reserved until payment is complete. Both Paypal and check payments are accepted. Checks should be made out to: Solutionary Events Inc | P.O. Box 7463 | St. Petersburg, FL 33734 If you have questions about payment or your status as a vendor, please contact organizers@solutionaryevents.com or call 941-730-4745

Email organizers@solutionaryevents.com or call 941-730-4745 for questions.
There are limited vendor spots with electricity.