Live Music

Music will be coordinated by skilled acoustic guitarist, Brian Brown. We look forward to listening to a variety of passionate bands creating a more peaceful world through their melodic expressions.

If interested in being a musician at this event, please click here to fill out the application.

Brian Brown the Younger

Brian Brown the Younger is a musician from Tampa playing soulful instrumental guitar with influences from trip hop, post rock, psychedelic rock, and Americana. His fans have described him as being a “pretty alright dude” and having a “mega chill vibe, man.”

Brian is a member of Solutionary Species and is very happy to bring his music to Sarasota’s Health Festival.

Brian Brown The Elder

Brian Brown the Elder is a folk musician from Cape Coral, playing music from the green hills of Ireland and from the winding roads of America.




Mwiza is a singer-songwriter from St. Petersburg, playing original acoustic alternative music that can fall under the genres of rock, folk, & jazz. His sound is soulful and mellow, and creates good vibes all around.



Tyler Costanzo

Tyler Costanzo is an acoustic guitarist and a singer songwriter from St Petersburg, raised with a love of music and a drive to pursue it. Many of his songs based on real life situations. His favorite genres are hip hop, pop and alternative rock.