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Celebrate Solutions for a  Peaceful World!

June 16, 2018 | 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Walk starts at 11:00 a.m.

Northeast Corner of Lake Eola Park | 512 E. Washington Street, Orlando, FL 32801

2nd Annual

Join The Solutionary Species Community…Walk with us!

Presented by: Solutionary Events, Vegetarians of Central Florida, and Noor 17


Orlando’s Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival is back for another great day of celebrating peace, health, and compassion! Mark your calendar for June 16 to come by the beautiful Lake Eola Park in Orlando to meet amazing eco-friendly and compassionate vendors, learn from knowledgeable and renowned speakers, listen to live music all day, engage in peace trivia, and join other peaceful people in a walk around Lake Eola Park. Admission is FREE! There is a competitive walk option available and donations are sincerely appreciated.  

The event features a peaceful and educational one mile walk around Lake Eola Park, vegan food, live music, speakers, yoga, exhibitors & vendors, educational resources, activities for youth, and more!

Humans have come to be known as a “problematic species,” due to our impact on the environment, animals, fellow people, and even our own health. We strive to teach people to be solutionaries instead, people or organizations who recognize problems and choose to be a part of the solution instead. Now is the time for humans to become a Solutionary Species! Walk with us and celebrate a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally regenerative festival!

Have you seen the amazing photos from last year’s walk & festival?

Want to get involved? Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are essential to making this event a success! We need help with setting up tables, chairs, tents, etc., assorting educational materials and literature, supervising and teaching at the Kids’ Peace Zone, keeping the park clean, welcoming visitors, selling t-shirts, taking photos, cleaning up, etc. Please click on the Volunteers Needed link to view volunteer slots available. Volunteers receive a free Solutionary Species t-shirt! Thank you so much for your interest in helping out!


Be The Solution…Donate!

Coordinating vegan festivals and helping other coordinators to plan vegan events is our pride and joy, but it is expensive…very expensive. Until we are able to create a system where people do not rely on money to get through life, money helps us to educate more people to live ethically and conscientiously. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Solutionary Events relies on the support and donations from people like you to continue our operations. If you like our events, please consider contributing, so that we can continue to improve the educational value of each event. Thank you!