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Live Music

Live music is sponsored by The Fickle Souls.

We look forward to listening to a variety of passionate bands creating a more peaceful world through their melodic expressions.


10:00 a.m. The Fickle Souls

Straight from the mountains of North Carolina, the now Tampa based acoustic folk/indie duo, The Fickle Souls are taking music back to its roots, keeping it simple, and keeping it pure. The band was founded in late 2012 when singer/songwriter Cal Olivier decided to move in a new direction, feeling that folk music would allow him to express a truer range of emotion and life experience. Though recently a trio – incorporating his father Ray Olivier’s unique style and array of percussion instruments – the duo now consists of Cal Olivier on the Guitar and Kick Drum and Hannah Irene on the Harmonium.Cal Olivier & the Fickle Souls have collectively shared the stage, and studio with the likes of; Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Tommy Tutone, Greg Hawks (The Cars), Rehab, Steel Pulse, Keller Williams, John Paul White (The Civil Wars), along with many more.



11:45 a.m. Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a musician from Tampa playing soulful instrumental guitar with influences from trip hop, post rock, psychedelic rock, and Americana. His fans have described him as being a “pretty alright dude” and having a “mega chill vibe, man.”

Brian is a member of Solutionary Species and is very happy to bring his music to this event.

1:00 p.m. The Getbye

Made up of Koal, Davy, Skitch and Tucker, The Getbye is quickly becoming one of the most talked about groups in their native Orlando, Florida. From one man simultaneously playing accordions, drums and trumpets at the same time, to the others filling on bongos, bass and guitar, The Getbye is certainly a spectacle to be seen, and one that’s hard to miss. Their whirlwind of sound, and love, has carried them from The Florida Music Festival, Westward to Backwoods Music Fest, and North to Indiana’s Good People Good Times Festival along with a host of other gypsy forest fests. It’s music, it’s peace and a little something they like to call “Gypsy Love”.

2:30 p.m. Shema Shine

Born May 9, 1988, Shema Shine was born to make music. In a small town called Ocala, Fl she found her place playing alongside church musicians at the early age of 12. “I first played the piano at the age of 3. No one showed me how. It was just something I wanted to do,” she recalls. 

She picked up her first guitar at the age of 12. “I remember finding my uncles bass guitar. It had one string and was way too big for me.” After much time building callouses and lugging her uncles guitar around, she would go on to purchase her own. This was the start of a great adventure. 

Her career began in the local country clubs, bars, and restaurants. She made her beginnings crooning for guests as they shared moments. You could also find her rocking her fender strat with a ripping band playing behind at the neighborhood bar. 

No matter where you see Shema Shine, she’s guaranteed to give you the best part of her and that’s music. Every show is filled with sincerity and truth. She plays simple, wholesome music, for any and all who wish to share in the magic of music with her. That is what makes Shema Shine.