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Have you ever wanted to learn how to roll Sushi at home? And, what can you put in it at home that doesn’t require working with raw fish?

Now’s your chance to attend Sarasota’s Solutionary Health Festival and learn how to roll different types of vegan (plant-based, no fish!) sushi rolls.

Starts at 12:30 p.m. at Speaker Tent!

You will learn from Vegan Coach Naomi Green:
-What supplies are essential to rolling up successful sushi at home
-What plant-based ingredients are necessary to making sushi rolls
-How to use your creativity with plant-based ingredients to create different types of sushi rolls at home any time you want, in minutes
-How to master the two most basic techniques of sushi-rolling (anyone who wants to can try their hand at sushi-rolling)
-How to make and use sushi sauces, dips and condiments

Meet Naomi Green
Naomi Green is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator who specializes in helping people go whole food vegan and take back their health (or just add more veggies to their diet!) She has been coaching private clients, giving cooking workshops and cooking parties and presenting corporate wellness program events around the Tampa Bay Area since recovering from breast cancer treatment in 2014 and she credits both yoga and going vegan with her health, healing and happiness.