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Solutionary Events is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization, creating healthy, compassionate, and sustainable communities through leading socially responsible and educational vegan events. Solutionary Events launched as a small group of passionate humane educators identifying with the Solutionary Species movement (a movement to help people transition from being a part of the world’s problems to being a part of solutions instead), offering workshops and school programs to teach youth about being kind to animals and nature. In 2016, the group was offered a grant from The Pollination Project, which made the first Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp possible. Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp, which took place at a unique botanical garden in Williston, Florida, was featured in the Huffington Post. Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp initiated the chain of many events that Solutionary Events now coordinates. 

The team at Solutionary Events coordinates festivals, workshops, concerts, races/walks, seminars, beach/park cleanups, and other events that align with the solutinary mission. Team members, including our President, Larry Rumbough, are responsible for some of the largest events in the country such as Central Florida Veg Fest, Central Florida Earth Day, Sarasota Veg Fest, and many others. Solutionary Events also empowers organizations by helping new organizations to launch vegan events and existing organizations to make their events bigger, better, and ethically sound. More can be learned at www.solutionaryevents.com.

Today, I am not who I was yesterday, nor am I who I will be tomorrow. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in the world, one day and one solutionary choice at a time. I don’t believe that I can change the world, but I know that WE can.

Jenna Bardroff, Event Coordinator

In matters of doing what is right and just and compassionate, ability is accompanied by responsibility in every case.

Brian Brown, Entertainment Director

We only have one Earth to live on and we all share it together. My choices affect your life and vise versa. It’s time we start making solutionary choices.

Kevin Layton, Event Organizer

With every action we take to save others, we in turn save ourselves from a culture of inaction and apathy that has infected our society. We all have it in us to become more informed, compassionate, and involved.

Corey Rowland, Former Director


The first step to being a solutionary is achieving optimal health and wellbeing, so that you are equipped to make a difference for others.


A solutionary understands that all sentient beings should be treated with respect and compassion.


Solutionaries find solutions for other people to create a socially just society.


Solutionaries understand that nothing else matters if the planet we call home is destroyed.

Our Work

Solutionary Events was officially established as a registered non-profit in January of 2017. Solutionary Species continues to lead the educational concepts of transforming humans from a problematic species to a solutionary species, a species committed to conquering problems (relating to people, animals, AND the environment) with practical and effective solutions.

The idea for Sarasota’s Solutionary Health Festival was sparked by the team’s interest in teaching people the true meaning of “health.” Many people discuss health and disease treatment, but more importantly, we need to be talking about how to prevent and reverse disease through healthy and long-term solutions. Leading educational events to teach people about making conscientious lifestyle choices is a major solution to creating a healthy world. The Solutionary Events team believes that everyone has the opportunity and responsibility to become the heroes they’ve always wanted to be for themselves, other people, other animals, and the planet as a whole. We are all connected and together, we can change the world.

Feel free to contact Solutionary Events with questions or comments by emailing organizers@solutionaryevents.com or calling 727-489-4497!


As long as violence, disease, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly consider ourselves or our society healthy. It doesn’t take much to change lives. Get in touch today and start making the difference.