PR Orlando’s Inaugural Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival 2017


For Immediate Release: June 3rd, 2017

Contact: Jenna Bardroff, Kevin Layton, & Brian Brown, Event Coordinators


Phone: 941-730-4745

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Orlando’s Solutionary PEACE WALK & Festival

A Festival and 1 Mile Walk to Celebrate Peace for People, Animals, and the Environment

Orlando, FL, June 3rd, 2017–On June 17th, 2017, the Solutionary Events team is excited to bring the Inaugural Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival to the Orlando community! Guests will have the opportunity to learn about creating a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world through a fun-filled festival and one mile peace walk, starting at 10:30 a.m. at the beautiful Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Florida!

Featuring a 1 mile peace walk, knowledgeable speakers (including Sean Michael Gloria, Korin Sutton “Pro Vegan Bodybuilder”, Aja Nikiya Estro, Adam Sugalski, and Zainab Merchant), vegan food, live music from a variety of talented musicians (including Brian Brown, Raspberry Pie, Claudio Matta, Comin’ Home The Band, and Mwiza), eco-friendly vendors, a kids’ peace zone, peace trivia at noon, yoga, and more, the Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival is fun for all age groups and welcomes diversity! This FREE event will occur from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Solutionary Events is a 501c3 non-profit educational outreach organization with a mission to create a more peaceful world. Team members coordinate festivals, workshops, seminars, potlucks, beach/park, cleanups, film screenings, outreach events, races/walks, and other events that align with the values of Solutionary Events’ mission. Through the knowledge, experience, and dedication of solutionaries (people who take part in solutions instead of problems), the team offers valuable resources to people interested in learning about healthy, compassionate, and sustainable living. The Solutionary Events team embraces the key elements of living a full and meaningful life through promoting conscientious and compassionate lifestyle choices.

Donations are encouraged. All walk donations will be applied to humane education programs, animal rescue & care, and future solutionary events.

“We all have the opportunity to choose whether we want to be a part of the world’s problems or a part of the world’s solutions. As humans, we have the opportunity and responsibility to become a solutionary species” ~Jenna B. Event Coordinator

Orlando’s Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival is sponsored and supported by Solutionary Events, Solutionary Species, Vegetarians of Central Florida, Paleo Baking Company, Natural Awakenings, and Orlando Weekly.

A solutionary is someone who recognizes inhumanity, injustice, unsustainability, or exploitative behaviors, and who then generate ideas or act upon developing practical and effective solutions. It’s time humans moved on from being a problematic species to being a solutionary species! Solutionary Events connect communities together by finding unity through compassion. Celebrate a fun and educational festival, and walk with us!

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For more information regarding the June 17th Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival, please contact Jenna Bardroff at 941-730-4745 or email us at