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Becoming a Solutionary Species is Everyone’s Responsibility
Non-Profit Organization Solutionary Events Brings Educational and Socially Responsible Vegan Festivals to Florida Communities
Solutionary Events
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Contact: Jenna Bardroff, Solutionary Representative
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St. Petersburg, Florida, December 7, 2017 – Florida communities are in need of events with strong educational value to connect with community members and learn to embrace health, compassion, and environmental sustainability. Humans have caused devastating destruction to the environment, abuse on innocent beings, and injustices amount fellow people, and it’s time people move on from being a problematic species to become a Solutionary Species instead.

A solutionary is someone who actively chooses to be a part of the world’s solutions by making conscientious and compassionate lifestyle choices that benefit people, animals, AND the environment. A solutionary recognizes exploitative, cruel, or unfair behaviors and seeks practical and effective solutions for change. The Solutionary Events Team brings festivals, races/walks, workshops, school programs, summer camps, film screenings, beach/park cleanups, and other educational outreach events to communities throughout Florida and beyond to help people with understanding the solutionary mindset. Being a solutionary does not mean being perfect, but it reminds people to continuously strive to do better with regard to personal health, protecting the environment and animals, and being kind to other fellow human beings. As Alice Walker might say, “Being a [solutionary] is our rent for living on this planet.”

Solutionary Events officially began its programs in January of 2017, after receiving a grant from The Pollination Project that launched the first Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp the summer before. Solutionary Events also received financial support from VegFund, allowing volunteers to start promoting vegan food sampling at events. The first festival was Eco Friendly Adventure Day/Devil’s Dash 5K Eco Friendly Adventure Race (located next to Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring) in Williston, Florida. Since then, the team has been busy with monthly events and has coordinated 8 festivals this year, each of which has drawn crowds between 3,000 people and 25,000 people.

The plan for next year is already in place and Solutionary Events will be bringing even more events to Florida and possibly New York.

“I believe every person wants to feel proud of what they are doing. Being a part of Solutionary Events has been a very educational experience and it allows me to continuously reflect on what I have accomplished to be proud of. There are so many misconceptions about what is right and wrong with regard to diet and lifestyle, social structure and politics, and protecting land versus infrastructure, for example. It’s so important to learn the facts and open your mind in order to make educated and logical solutionary choices.” ~J. Bardroff, Volunteer Event Coordinator

Solutionary Events not only coordinates events, but volunteers also help with benefiting new events or improving existing events presented by like minded organizations. For example, this year, Solutionary Events was involved in the coordination of Gainesville VegFest (now organized by North Florida Community Events), Tampa Bay Veg Fest (organized by Florida Voices for Animals), Central Florida Earth Day (organized by Vegetarians of Central Florida), and Central Florida Veg Fest (organized by Vegetarians of Central Florida).

Solutionary Events is in the process of inviting new volunteers, vendors, and sponsors to events in 2018. These events will include the 2nd Annual Eco Friendly Adventure Day, 2nd Annual Devil’s Dash 5K/10K Eco Friendly Adventure Race, Orlando’s 2nd annual Solutionary Peace Walk & Festival, Sarasota Veg Fest, St. Pete Health Fest, and Sarasota’s 2nd Annual Solutionary Health Festival.

Solutionary Events is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization receives much of its funding for its events through contributions from hard-working volunteers, grants from organizations such as Vegetarians of Central Florida, VegFund, A Well-Fed World, and The Pollination Project, and individual donations. Events are expensive to coordinate and any donation, great or small, is sincerely appreciated and is put to excellent use.


For more information about Solutionary Events and programs, please visit or contact or call 941-730-4745