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11:00       Zainab Merchant

Using Media to Dispel Misconceptions and Create Positive Change

Zainab Merchant is founder and Editor in Chief of Zainab Rights, author, graduate student of International Security and Journalism at Harvard University and mother of three rambunctious kids and a baby kitten.

An important but not thoroughly explored topic, media, has been at the epicenter of our households, schools, work and even the global society. As our world becomes smaller through technology and travel, the us-vs-them mentality is slowly becoming a thing of the past, but very much present by those who seek to control us, divide us, and today also succeeding in conquering us. Today, 17 times more negative news is created than positive news, not because it happens more, but because fear
is a good way to sell news, to create more money, and make that outlet more popular. Long term, this type of news-making is devastating to our world because it creates unnecessary fear, stereotyping entire communities and peoples, a lack of adequate conversations, and fosters misconceptions that further perpetuate injustice and move the spotlight away from the voiceless. Discussing this problem and collectively looking for solutions to create a paradigm shift is not only important, but necessary to preserve peace and justice in our world.

Today, trust in media is at an all time low, but despite this many of us use the media to consciously and subconsciously affect our decision-making. As Westerners, there is evidence as to how our media presents stories that cater to our interests or that have the shock factor and would sell better. Where media would serve public interests, it has now moved towards privatization where the latest rating is more important than truth. Zainab Rights was created to address this grave problem, and to bring together people from different cultures, backgrounds and political affiliations to share different viewpoints and have an open mind for better, peaceful and just world.

12:00 Peace Trivia

12:30  Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor   Solutionary Team

What is a Solutionary? (And Post-Trivia Discussion)

Representatives of Solutionary Species, a growing movement committed to creating a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world will be opening up discussion following trivia at noon. A solutionary thinks holistically and conscientiously about solutions for animals, the environment, and people.

The team is motivated and dedicated to transform humans from a problematic species to a solutionary species.

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1:00  Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor   Adam Sugalski

Adam Sugalski is the Founding Board Member/Executive Director of OneProtest, a powerful animal advocacy organization that exposes truth through protesting, investigations, and educational outreach.

Adam is an animal protection warrior who has most recently lead a national coalition of activists to fight, and successfully STOP the 2016 bear hunt in Florida. Adam believes strongly in utilizing professional activism to raise public awareness and end the most cruel forms of animal abuse. Adam is also dedicated to supporting activists across the nation by sharing his wealth of experience in mobilizing the strong voice of the people to stand up and affect real change. Adam brings many years of experience in building and supporting a plethora of national and local non-profits dedicated to animal protection, hands-on undercover work, and a strong artist background to his fight for those least able to fight for themselves. Adam is also regularly called upon to speak on national radio, television, and at academic institutions. Adam is a published author and the winner of the 2016 Matthew Eyton Animal Activist Award.

Learn more about OneProtest at www.oneprotest.org!

2:00    Korin Sutton

Where Is the Protein Being Vegan?

Korin Sutton:
“Where do you get the Protein? I get asked that question every
single day especially as a personal trainer and pro bodybuilder. A lot of people are misguided on
protein and where you can get it from. There are so many different sources of protein you can
retrieve without harming a single soul. The Earth has all the nutrition we need to survive and
become extremely strong and healthy individuals. We do not have to filter out nutrients through
another species because we can get all the nutrients we need from the earth. Another
misconception especially for most individuals that workout “I will lose my muscle mass”. I tell
most of my clients that yes you will lose some muscle mass but, the muscle that you have is not
natural. Most animal proteins are highly filled with GMO’s and steroids. Even if you get organic
beef or chicken the animals are still feed with GMO soy and corn. I myself used to weight 220
pounds and I was considered somewhat healthy carrying about 18% body fat. The difference
now is that I’m cleaner, less sluggish, more cut, and my mental clarity is ridiculous. My energy
levels are always high, my libido increased a lot, and I’m actually 10x stronger in the gym when I
workout. I’m currently 181 lbs and I hold about 4 percent body fat. Being vegan has so many
health benefits, if you would like to know more about being on a plant based diet, or learn how to
live a healthier lifestyle for ones who are not ready to give up animal protein all together I’m here
to help!”

Learn more about Korin and his journey by checking out the links below.

Where you can find him:

Body Fitness

Vegan Live Fit Coach

Plant Built Website
Badass Vegan Website

Finalist in Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door Contest

3:00 Aja-Nikiya Estro

Live Consciously, Act Compassionately.

Aja Nikiya is a humanitarian, photographer, public speaker and activist for animals and under served populations. She has bridged her expertise in project development, marketing, and activism to help communities in extreme poverty develop sustainable solutions that preserve biodiversity and inspire global citizenship. Since childhood, Aja has been an avid volunteer with environmental and animal service organizations. Her Masters in Global Sustainability only furthered her passion and inspired her to use her skills to make a difference in the world. She is an advocate for grassroots initiatives and community empowerment. A global minded and dynamic communicator, Aja encourages local leaders to work together and implement innovative action plans. She breaks through culture, language, race and gender barriers to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of different people. Aja-Nikiya is catalyst for change and a voice for the voiceless and under served. Her passion and devotion for bringing justice to animals is no secret. Through her vegan lifestyle and animal activism, Aja hopes to bridge the gap between human and non-human animals. She brings awareness and change to animal cruelty in factory farming, entertainment, fashion and other industries. Over the past 20 years, she has worked on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of domestic and wild animals at facilities all over the world. Aja is catalyst for change and a voice for the voiceless.
Learn more at http://www.compassioncurator.com and follow her page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/compassioncurator