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Zero Waste


St. Pete Health Fest team is doing our best to create a Zero Waste event. Zero Waste means we are working toward eliminating single-use plastics and products that cause harm to the planet. We need YOUR help to make this event truly eco-friendly. The event requires the use of biodegradeable, paper, reusable, or other Earth-friendly containers/utensils by food vendors.

Visitors: To help reduce waste all together, please bring reusable food containers, BPA-free reusable water bottles, and perhaps even your own cutlery. Be sure to pay attention to the signs at the waste stations to properly dispose of your waste. 

Vendors: We understand a lot of local businesses already regularly use sustainable items and we know eco-conscious customers like the members of the St. Pete Health Fest team are sincerely appreciative of your efforts to save the environment. If you do not already use eco-friendly items, we are very happy to assist you in finding affordable eco-ware for the event and (hopefully) beyond!


Food Vendors
The following information is for St. Pete Health Fest food vendors to provide information about Earth-friendly products. If you have any questions, please contact our team at or call 727-489-4497.
biodegradable utensils (e.g., cornstarch, bamboo)
paper/compostable plates
paper/compostable cups
no straws, paper straws, or gluten-free pasta straws
biodegradable stirrers (e.g., gluten-free spaghetti sticks)
cardboard to-go boxes
reusable to-go boxes
plastic utensils
plastic plates
plastic cups
plastic straws
plastic stirrers
plastic lids
Styrofoam (unless biodegradable)


RESOURCES FOR EARTH-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: (for less than case quantities by the sleeve or pack–use coupon code FRIEND to save 25%) (for full cases of food service products–use coupon code GREEN10 to save 10%)
Free shipping on orders over $99.00!

Green Paper Products